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How to use translucent stone in your design

When you’re looking to add a truly distinct and unique beauty to a space, then there are few things that can do it as well as natural materials. Stone stands out from the rest for its practical qualities, as well as its aesthetic, and few catch the eye quite as effectively as translucent stone.

feature walls in offices

Spectacular Feature Walls in the Office

Feature walls in the office can create a distinct space for clients and employees. A spectacular office feature wall can help to showcase signature company colours, logos, and branding.

Luxury Reception Areas- Ideas and Inspiration

Luxury reception areas in your business set a strong first impression for your clients. A luxury reception area needs to have a distinctive design that’s recognisable and communicates your brand’s ethos. Translucent Gemstones can create a unique and stunning feature in your reception area.

gemstone flooring

Illuminated Translucent Flooring

Illuminated translucent flooring is an innovative addition to the interior design market, offering a captivating feature for any space. The relatively new concept of using translucent stone for flooring creates a stunning feature to an interior.

Using stone feature walls in your interior

Do you want to create a stunning feature wall within your interior? We have the solution for you. Stone feature walls come with many benefits, and when you begin to look into them for yourself, you will soon see why they are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market.

gemstone flooring

Exquisite Gemstone Flooring

Gemstone flooring are floors with the hardness of a diamond and with excellent slip resistant qualities, making semi-precious stones the only choice for backlit flooring