Founded in 1980

We create show stopping interiors

Translucent Creations are experts in making unusual and unique ideas a reality using backlit decorative panels. These are made from all kinds of materials from stone and gemstones to glass, resins and acrylics, even fabrics or wood.
colourful worktops in your interior

"Our products have been used in thousands of projects worldwide"

Our History

Founded following a chance meeting in Italy

Translucent Creations was formed in 1980 following a chance meeting in Italy which is where I witnessed the concept of translucent stone. A panel of onyx was held up by a crane and the rays of the Tuscan sun was penetrating the panel displaying what I would describe as a three dimensional appearance with all the beauty that only real natural stone can provide. 

The combination of natural stone and light was beyond my imagination and at that moment Translucent Creations was formed. Since then we have developed a range of innovative products and solutions for modern day interior design, which we have supplied to thousands of projects Worldwide.

We are proud to work with leading designers around the world

We are proud to work with leading designers and supply products around the globe, helping to create impressive and stunning environments that instantly transform the mood.

We can provide the full scope of services to include the supply of the product to design and installation. We include a complete package from site survey, to drawings for approval and final installation if you require.

Using natural stone to create something magical

We can assist with design and make recommendations for the best solution for your particular requirements, and help you to achieve the effect you want. Sometimes the most expensive materials are not the most appropriate; we can address issues with installation and durability for example, without losing impact.

Let's Make Something Memorable

Working with our specialists will always be beneficial. You can draw upon our extensive experience and free advice, and we have the pleasure of creating a unique and stunning new design and visual statement that will stand the test of time.