Exquisite, beautiful, natural materials sourced from around the globe

Translucent Gemstones comprise natural semi-precious gemstones that are cut with precision and assembled by hand. Backlit using innovative lighting techniques, creating a wonder of colours depth and formation that only natural materials can. The centre piece of any interior design will invoke conversation for years to come.
Experienced Since 1980

Nothing radiates pure exclusivity and luxury more than our semi-precious translucent gemstones.

Our process combines the opulence of natural gemstones with bespoke LED lighting systems, providing exceptional translucency to interior design applications.

Designed with luxury and elegance in mind

Translucent Gemstones are designed with luxury and elegance in mind. They are suitable for a wide range of interior design applications and combined with our patented manufacturing processes, can even be used in applications that we once considered to be weight prohibitive such as ceilings.

Translucent gemstones

We offer a complete design and installation package as well as cut-to-size materials to suit our clients' exact requirements.

The variety of colour and textures are limitless as every semi-precious stone slab is unique.

Available in the following formats for any interior design application.
• 2cm
• 1cm
• 5mm veneer reinforced with glass or Perspex.
• 5mm veneer reinforced with honeycomb.

Floors leaving your guests in wonderment at the dazzling effects below their feet.

Floors with the hardness of a diamond and with excellent slip resistant qualities makes semi-precious stones the only choice for backlit flooring applications. With an overall height including lighting of only 30mm (subject to survey), imagine the possibilities.
gemstone flooring


Located in Lincoln, ‘Cognito’ opened its doors in 2021 with high end Asian cuisine late night music and VIP dining areas with a spectacular central island bar in backlit Amethyst.
Translucent creations are absolutely fantastic, we didn’t even know where to begin but from the beginning Sean made the whole process easy and is very knowledgeable about the products and materials and knew exactly what would suit us best. The backlit Amethyst bar is our showpiece in the restaurant and our clients are always taking pictures next to it.
Ellie Pickles