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Precious stone slabs

Stone is often used in interiors to add a sense of luxury. A lavish option is to use semi-precious stone slabs. Using colourful crystalline slabs of quartz and agate, you can create stunning interior features that are certain to be a talking point for anyone that sees them.

At Translucent Gemstones we specialise in supplying the highest quality precious stone slabs. Our stone slabs are hand-cut with precision and innovatively illuminated in order to produce the wow factor. With a dazzling array of colours and styles to choose from, we’ll help you to create an interior showpiece that’s unique and unforgettable.

precious stone slabs

Why use precious stone slabs in interiors?

There are many incredible reasons to incorporate precious stones into your interior. A few great reasons include:

  • Making a statement: Precious stone slabs are eye-catching and can bring a sense of opulence to any environment. When it comes to commercial interiors, they’re the type of feature that will get customers talking and attract new customers. They’re the perfect solution to help your interior stand out.
  • Sustainability: Our precious stone slabs are largely made from natural stone. They are also selected and arranged by hand. Minimal use of synthetic materials and machinery makes them a relatively eco-friendly option. On top of this, our company is very waste-conscious and we try to reduce as much waste as possible during manufacture.
  • Easy maintenance: While our precious stone slabs may look delicate, they’re actually very robust. They’re also very easy to wipe clean, making them suitable for environments like restaurants and bars.
  • Diverse applications: There are also many applications for our precious stone slabs ranging from countertops to flooring. Whatever type of centrepiece you’re looking for, we can help you look into it.

Where to use precious stone slabs?

Just what are some of the applications for precious stone slabs? There are a few different ways to incorporate semi-precious stone into an interior.


Stone countertops have long been a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms. Using semi-precious stone is a way of adding an extra degree of luxury. Make your kitchen stand out with a sparkling backlit white island. Or add a crystalline blue vanity to the bathroom to impress every guest that enters. There are all kinds of opportunities to explore.


You can also create an impressive feature wall by adding a layer of precious stone. This could be backlit to help it stand out even more. Choose from a variety of textures from rugged stone to smooth veneer. Such slabs can be manufactured to be fairly shallow so that they don’t protrude too much.


Precious stone slabs can also make a dramatic and durable flooring option. Using backlighting, your floor can literally glow. Such flooring doesn’t have to be that thick – subject to survey, it’s possible to manufacture flooring as shallow as 30mm (including lighting). Our precious stone flooring is also surprisingly smooth in order to make it easy to clean. At the same time, it offers enough grip to prevent slipping. This makes it a fantastic flooring surface for various environments from restaurants to nightclubs.


It’s also possible to use semi-precious stone slabs for tables. Backlighting can be used to illuminate these tables, which could make them a stunning feature in a bar or restaurant. Such slabs could even be used to create a striking coffee table in a hotel reception lobby or waiting area of a restaurant. Using a 5mm perspex veneer, such tables can be manufactured to contain a smooth surface that’s easy to clean, making them suitable for any environment.


Draw people’s attention to the bar by manufacturing it out of precious stone. This could be just the bar top or the entire counter. As with precious stone tables, these bars are very easy to clean, allowing you to easily wipe off any spilled drinks. Backlighting can similarly be used to illuminate it.

Reception desks

When furnishing a luxurious lobby, a precious stone backlit reception desk could be just the feature to impress visitors. This could be ideal in a premium hotel or an office lobby for a luxury company. Choose from a variety of colours and textures to get the effect you want.

Ceiling fixtures

Using patented innovative manufacturing processes, it’s even possible to add precious stone to ceilings. Such fixtures could have people looking up in wonder as they enter your establishment. Backlighting can similarly be used to illuminate these fixtures and make them more impactful.

Contact us today for more information about our semi-precious stone slabs.

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