Spectacular Feature Walls in the Office

feature walls in offices

Feature walls in the office

Feature walls in the office can create a distinct space for clients and employees. A spectacular office feature wall can help to showcase signature company colours, logos, and branding. Visitors can leave the office with a distinctive impression of who the company is, and employees can enjoy a more engaging work environment. Feature walls can inspire creativity, cultivate visual interest, and boost team wellbeing. Read on to learn more about setting up spectacular feature walls in offices.

Selecting your office feature wall

How will you choose the feature wall in your office? Empty or dull walls in focal parts of the office can benefit from becoming your feature wall. You could also utilise the wall behind the reception to draw the eye of prospective employees or clients.

Accent walls should ideally be the central point of your office to help draw the eye and invite visual interest from the viewer. You should ask yourself which wall the eye is naturally drawn to, as this can help ensure that your feature wall is immediately visible to your audience. You should avoid installing multiple feature walls in one space so that different focal points are not vying for attention.

feature walls in the office

How to make the most of your feature wall in the office

A feature wall should help draw out some of the other colours in the office. For example, a deep green accent wall can help complement the natural tones in an office full of leafy green foliage. Choose to draw out colours in the office rather than introduce clashing or competing tones.

A feature wall should also enhance other focal points in the office, not compete or take attention away. A feature wall could be the perfect backdrop to large office artwork or help draw the eye to an essential part of the office. You could enhance a feature wall by using mood lighting or soft backlighting to add to its beauty.

You must only use a feature wall to accentuate the parts of the office that need a visual draw. If you try to use an accent wall on a little-used part of the office, it will lose its audience, and you won’t get the full benefits of setting it up as a feature.

In addition to creating an accent wall, you can use it as an opportunity to make it a stunning piece of art. Using semi-precious gemstones is the perfect way to make your feature walls in the office beautiful and memorable.

Which semi-precious stones work as a feature wall?

At Translucent Gemstones, we use quartz, including deep purple amethyst, pure white quartz and smoky quartz. We also use the multicoloured beauty of agate, with the most popular tones in the range being natural, grey, and black agate. Our swatches range from deep ebony hues to vibrant pinks and delicate white and gold combinations. There are single-colour slabs or multi-hued options, depending on your needs.

The benefits of using semi-precious gemstones for feature walls in the office

Semi-precious gemstones are the ideal integration for feature walls in the office. These are just some of the benefits of this innovative accent wall:

  • Unique – semi-precious gemstones create unique feature walls in the office. Translucent Gemstones create stunning colour combinations and patterns, and each semi-precious stone slabs are unique as the variety of colours and textures are limitless.
  • Robust – gemstones look delicate but are robust and durable. You can enjoy an initial investment in a stunning piece of art that lasts for years.
  • Colour-matching – semi-precious gemstones come in a wide range of tones that complement or contrast your existing colour scheme. From deep blues to vibrant oranges, you’ll always find a colour to match your interior design or logo.
  • Luxury – gemstones add a touch of luxury to the office, which is ideal for bringing in new business or partnerships for your company.
  • Easy-to-maintain – gemstone walls are incredibly easy to maintain and clean, meaning you can install one as a feature wall without worrying about upkeep.

Feature walls in the office can dazzle clients and inspire employees to be creative and productive team members. This investment can create a focal point in the office and enhance existing features. Agate and quartz feature walls are unique, durable, luxurious and easy to maintain. Choose a feature wall today and enjoy the beauty of semi-precious gemstones in your place of work.

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feature walls in offices

Spectacular Feature Walls in the Office

Feature walls in the office can create a distinct space for clients and employees. A spectacular office feature wall can help to showcase signature company colours, logos, and branding.