Using stone feature walls in your interior

Why you should opt for a stone feature wall in your interior

If you are thinking about choosing a stone feature wall within your property then you can find some of the top benefits, below.

stone feature walls


Stone feature walls are unique in every way. The beauty of stone is that each piece has its own characteristics that have been shaped by nature.


It’s not hard to see that stone feature walls are highly decorative. Stone is a natural material and the beauty it has to offer is unrivalled by anything else. Natural stone can bring nature into your home, brightening your mood while adding a unique stamp to any interior.


It’s no secret that natural stone walls are stunning. Many people opt for stone-effect wallpaper in an attempt to replicate the natural beauty that stone has to offer. That being said, efforts like this often end up falling short, leaving you with a feature that doesn’t quite look as good as it should. When it comes to stone, it’s better to go for the real deal, rather than risk cheap imitations.

Natural beauty

Stone brings a level of natural beauty that cannot be compared. Within your home, the stone will be preserved and protected, meaning that it can serve as a timeless addition to your property.

Easy to maintain

Out of all the natural materials in the world, it’s safe to say that stone is the longest-lasting, and the easiest to maintain.

Available in an extraordinary array of colours

Natural stone is available in a huge array of colours, so it’s very easy to find something that suits your home.

Using Translucent Stone Panels

Using Translucent Gemstones for your stone feature walls will add extra beauty and flare to your interior. Our natural, semi-precious gemstones are all cut to size and then assembled by hand, making them unique features to add to your interior.

stone feature walls


Translucent stone panels are extra-durable, and they can withstand years of wear and tear without showing any signs of deterioration. Even though the layer is thin, the sheer strength of the panels means that they are the best option for stone feature walls for even the busiest of households.

Long Lasting

Natural stone won’t warp, swell, crack or dry out with time. Cleaning is a breeze too! Quartz is a hard silica-based mineral found in ingenious rock, whereas agate is a form of microcrystalline, a grain form of quartz. Both are known to last for years.

Adding character to the interior

Our Translucent panels are a unique decoration to add to your interior and will add both character and personality to the space. Use will lighting behind, they will brighten any space and create a spectacular feature to your interior.


From weather conditions to environmental pressure and temperature exposure, it’s safe to say that each piece of stone is a piece of history, and if you incorporate it into your home you are guaranteed to have something beautiful in every way. Beauty is especially evident in our CRA14, GA9 and CH32 swatches, as these stones are high in both contrast and colour.

Lighting enhances the natural beauty of stone

By adding lighting behind the stone panels for your strone feature wall, you can enhance the natural beauty and colour. With translucent stone, the light shines through and creates a stunning display. The natural characteristics of the rock, and the environmental pressures that it has undergone over the years will also become apparent, meaning that every panel is unique in its own way. Our PA77, GA11 and SP14 swatches are prime examples of how even simple stone effects can be enhanced via light.

Just when you thought natural stone couldn’t be more beautiful, it’s safe to say that lighting emphasises all of the above benefits while giving you a statement piece that will not only blow your guests away, but that stands the test of time.

If you want to find out more about Translucent Gemstones, contact one of our team today.

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