Using beautiful colourful worktops in your interior

Using colourful worktops in your interior

The minimalist styles of yesteryear are on the wane, and what’s replacing the pared-down monochromatic look are bright, bold colours that add character and opulence to the home.

There are several ways to bring bold colours into the home, but none are better than LED gemstone surfaces that can be used for kitchen worktops, bathroom splashboards, and more. Colourful worktops in your interior will add character and elegance to your interior.

Backlit gemstone surfaces are unique and elegant. The style is native to high-end hotels and bars that want to capture the attention of the guests on arrival. Now you can also have them at home.

If you want to level up your kitchen, use a durable natural stone like quartz, and if you want to impress your guests with some character in your games room, install some amethyst walls.

colourful worktops in your interior

How to use colourful worktops

Why have a mundane worktop, table, or bar in your home when you can have one that shines? Colourful worktops in your interior is the ideal way to add a splash of colour to your interior. Colour is coming back into the home in a big way, and backlit gemstones are the perfect option. Whether you want a touch of colour or something more substantial, gemstone surfaces deliver. 

Your home should reflect your personality; that’s what people invest carefully in their interior decoration, so if you feel bright and energetic on the inside, bring that character to your kitchen, bathroom, games room or bar. LED gemstone surfaces are exquisite, beautiful, and natural. 

LED gemstone surfaces are available in a wide range of patterns and styles. Remember, natural gemstones are unique every time, so no two surfaces will be identical. That said, you can happily choose gemstone blocks of the same colour to match your interior design expectations.   

Using semi-precious stone to add colour

Whether you are using semi-precious gemstones for your kitchen, bathroom, walls, or games room, they can’t fail to brighten up your home and bring a sense of luxury to the space. Semi-precious stones like agate, quartz, and amethyst are often used in hotel interior design. Stones like amethyst and agate are available in many options. 

Amethyst stone is available in green, pink, ametrine, and purple. When it is backlit with LEDs, amethyst provides a vibrant and elegant finish that your guests are going to love. Another option is quartz which is a high-quality natural stone that is durable and low-maintenance. Quartz is available in pink and white. It’s excellent for kitchens.

By themselves, semi-precious stones in your home appear elegant and classy, but when you switch the lights on, they really come alive. Using special LED lighting, your gemstone rooms or walls become vivid and alluring with the flick of a switch. Turn day into night by transforming the home with vivid gemstone colours for special occasions. The stone is also treated with resin. 

Benefits of semi-precious stone slabs

Gemstone interiors are carefully selected and manufactured for quality and appearance. Even without the LED lights, the gemstone surfaces are elegant and natural in your home, creating a sense of hotel luxury. Switch on the lights, and you have a truly awe-inspiring home to enjoy.

Gemstone worktops and surfaces are beautiful, but they are also practical. Gemstones are a form of natural stone that is durable, long-lasting, and practical. Natural stone is heat resistant, easy to maintain, and rarely needs to be replaced. It is an excellent investment for your home.  

Invite guests to your home for special occasions, seasonal gatherings, or social events, and your LED gemstone features will be the focal point of the evening. Turn off the main lights and switch on the gemstones to create an instant atmosphere and comments from every visitor. 

There’s no question that LED gemstone surfaces are beautiful and practical, but they also take your living space to new heights due to their opulence, luxury, and elegance. Gemstone finishes like this were once found only in high-end hotels and bars, but now, you can have them in your own home. These surfaces are practical, durable, and beautiful.  

colourful worktops in your interior

Final thoughts

Whether you are renovating your home or upgrading a new property, consider adding colourful worktops in your interior. Using LED gemstone finishes will add elegance to your rooms. Rooms well suited to the finishes include kitchens, bathrooms, games rooms, and hallways. But what colours should you pick?

If you think gemstone surfaces are a nice idea, but you aren’t sure about the colours or designs, contact us today and talk to one of our experts about our available products. Work with a professional and ensure you get a dream finish for your home.

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