What are Gemstone Panels?

Gemstone panels are arranged and assembled by hand so no two pieces are the same and a unique design is created for your interior.  

These panels are extremely robust and durable and can be used for almost any interior design application. Gemstone panels can be used for kitchen worktops and splashbacks to flooring, as the surface is anti-slip and has a surface hardness of diamond so is almost scratch proof.

How are Gemstone Panels made?

These semi-precious stone slabs comprise both quartz and agates in most colour sways. These materials are sourced from various countries around the World depending on the colour and type of stone selected. These semi-precious stones are then assembled within a mould to suit the project and panel sizes. Each piece is laid flat with any large gaps filled with crushed semi-precious stone and then a clear resin is poured into the mould to fill the gaps between the materials to produce a solid panel, which once cured is polished.

The price is dictated by the quality of the materials used and the amount of resin used. Naturally if you are using more resin than stone the price will reduce but the finished result will be poor.

Differences between panels

To ensure you have the best quality gemstone panels in your interior, you need to ensure you are using the highest quality semi-precious stones and less resin. Have a look at the images below which highlight the difference between a poorly made gemstone panel compared to one of the highest quality.

The Rose quartz sample on the left was provided by a competitor and the sample on the right was provided by Translucent Gemstones. The sample on the left has extremely poor clarity and has been poorly assembled with large gaps between the stones. You can clearly see that our material has better clarity and is assembled in such a way as to avoid large gaps. You can also see that the gaps have been filled with crushed stone to match. Of course, our competitor’s product was cheaper but after receiving our sample the client placed their order with us.

gemstone panles

Translucent Gemstone Panels

Our patented process produces panels which are 75% less weight than 2cm stone. Less weight means reduced costs and enhanced translucency for backlit illuminated applications. Even though it has less weight, the surface is still extremely durable, non-absorbent and scratch resistant. This means our Gemstone panels can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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